We are committed to maintaining Robin Hill Stores as a safe place for people to obtain their provisions and continue to use the Post Office facilities.

During the Coronavirus outbreak we are offering a FREE DELIVERY  SERVICE  within Marnhull.

Please contact us on 01258 820959 between 8am-8pm Mon - Sat or 8am-12 midday Sunday, if you or anyone you know is unable to come to the shop and needs this service.

In order to help us continue to keep the shop open & safe as possible, we ask that you:

  • Wear a mask at all times when inside the shop 

  • Ensure that you are well when you visit the shop

  • Keep your distance from other customers & staff in the shop and respect the two customer limit

  • Keep in mind that anyone, particularly children, may be infectious but not showing any symptoms

  • Please do not visit the shop if you have recently returned from holiday or a high risk area

Thank You.